The little BMW that has yet to cross the pond just sprouted a pair of very interesting models in Europe. The new 130i hides BMW's 3.0L in-line six-cylinder beneath its bonnet, which has been optimized with better airflow and cooling management to make 265 horsepower. This makes it the most powerful version of the brand's 3.0L six to date. 0-62 takes 6.1 seconds, which seems a little slow to us for such a small car with a big engine. The M Sport model adds a lower front spoiler, new sills and a "venturi cut-out" to the rear, as well as a specific M Sport suspension and attactive 17- or 18-inch double-spoke alloy wheels. While the 1-series has always appeared to have been beaten with a Bangle stick once or twice, its BMW DNA, high utility and relatively low price (for a Bimmer) place it high on the list of vehicles we're waiting for in the U.S.

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