I'm sitting in my office with a pile of press kits wondering if I'll ever get any use out of them. I figured why not check out a few and post the pretty images from the discs. Might as well have something nice to look at on Autoblog I always say. Since the B9 Tribeca received a lot of oohs and ughs I think it makes a logical subject for a gallery. It's also one that Serious Wheels hasn't posted yet. Check out the photos below.

<a class=B9 Tribeca 2" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/5103211554476311.JPG?0.7129538625486331" align="top" border="1" height="277" hspace="0" vspace="4" width="425" />
B9 Tribeca 3
B9 Tribeca 4
B9 Tribeca 5
B9 Tribeca 6
B9 Tribeca 7

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