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Ever since this reality-TV craze put every type of customization/builder on TV, I cringe as the viability of the brands get smaller and smaller. The Teutul family is no different. I know, this is what they do… make custom bikes for money and those bikes are many times used for promotions. It's just getting phony (see the OCC video game review a few stories down if you want more proof).

Orange County Choppers have been commissioned to build a Lincoln Mark LT-inspired chopper to appear on their TV series on the Discovery Channel Feb 14 and Feb 21 at 10:00 pm ET/PT.

In a contrived BS statement about a truck that is nothing really but a nose and deck job on the F-150, Paul Teutul, Jr. said ?We?re excited to partner with Lincoln on this project bike. We visited Dearborn to see the passion and detail that goes into developing a product like the Mark LT. I was inspired by what I saw and I?m confident that the bike will reveal the true essence of the truck.?  I?ll have no doubt that the bike will be more passionate than the truck.

OCC LincolnThe OCC team also will build a custom glass trailer to transport the chopper with a Mark LT design theme. Then Lincoln will parade around the Mark LT chopper, the trailer and the truck to make a ?complete statement about Lincoln luxury?. How a bike and trailer adds to the ?Luxury? side of the equation, I don?t know.

The F-150 is a solid truck, and the Mark LT, while breaking no styling boundaries, seems to be just as ?nice?, but it just doesn?t hit me where I live, if you know what I mean. The passion isn?t there, and I believe passion is what you need to sell trucks in the $40,000 - $60,000 range.

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