For the last several years since the Fast & The Furious came out in theatres, there have been approximately forty billion articles published on the topic of illegal street racing because just about every local newspaper journalist thought he would "get the gritty underground scoop" by interviewing a few CHP officers and making the nauseatingly stale comparison between Gen Y kids in imports vs. big cube muscle.  Yes we get the point - mmmmkay, street racing is bad.  Having run out of fresh insight on the topic, this one writer comes up with the picture at right that wholly encompasses the world of illegal underground street racing.  Note the exit point at precisely the center of the windshield, the blood that is liberally covering the face, and the eyes that are cast heavenward as if asking "Why?? Why did I run out of NOS(tm)?"  Yes I know he's a student writer.  Yes, I'm just being difficult because it's a monday morning and i had to park a bazillion miles away from my office (I used the side door so Lumberg wouldn't see me). 

This does, however, pose an interesting issue.  Street racing isn't anything new and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.  Logic and the authorities argue that street racing claims lives while the racers complain that there isn't anyplace to race.  Solutions have ranged from opening up more tracks (which are subsequently closed down by local residents that complain of property devaluation) to heavy fines, to bitchslapping said racers and crushing their cars built with the funds of a million pizza deliveries but nothing seems to have made a significant impact.  Any Autoblog readers bored at work on this fine Monday care to pontificate?

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