The Cadillac ATS has been a well-received entry into the small sport sedan segment for General Motors' premium brand, but keeping the model fresh is an understandably high priority. A two-door coupe variant is on the way and should help keep interest up, but the line's volume leader is still expected to be the sedan. In order to keep awareness high and sales going, GM will need to lavish a little attention on its four-door, as well. That's where the Crimson Sport Edition comes in.

Crimson Red Metallic paint is the exterior highlight for this special-edition Cadillac, while the interior is complemented with a number of microsuede touchpoints, including the heated steering wheel and shifter. To this point, the car's rich burgundy finish has only been offered on CTS-V Coupe and Sport Wagon models, and brand spokesperson Donny Nordlicht tells Autoblog that this is the first time that the company has offered a microsuede wheel with heat. Four interior trims are also available, although all have been seen previously.

The Crimson Sport will be limited to production this spring, and the trimmings can be added to either the 2.0T Performance or the V6 Premium specifications. Both rear- and all-wheel drive will be available, as well. Prices start at $46,010 for the turbocharged model and $51,010 for the V6 including destination fees, which represents a premium of $2,990 for the extra equipment.

The ATS Crimson Sport Edition rolls into dealers beginning at the end of this month.
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Cadillac Introduces ATS Crimson Sport Edition
Special edition highlights the sporting dynamics, striking design of the ATS

DETROIT – Cadillac enhances the dynamic performance and design of the 2014 ATS sedan with a new, limited-edition Crimson Sport special edition. Produced only during the spring of 2014, the special edition sedan is characterized by its unique Crimson Red Metallic exterior paint and a collection of its sportiest performance attributes, including an available Track Package.

The Crimson Sport ATS can be had with four different interior environments: Morello Red with Jet Black accents, Caramel with Jet Black accents, Jet Black with Jet Black accents or Light Platinum with Jet Black accents. Other exterior enhancements include exclusive 18-inch Manoogian Dark Silver Premium Painted wheels; a ground effects package with color-matched front splitter, rocker moldings and rear diffuser; and an aero decklid spoiler.

Inside, upgrades include a heated steering wheel in microfiber suede, a microfiber suede shift lever and heated front seats.

Buyers can opt for the Crimson Sport Edition on either the 272-horsepower ATS 2.0T Performance Collection (with automatic transmission) or 321-horsepower 3.6L Premium Collection with rear- or all-wheel drive. Navigation, sunroof, the Driver Assist Package and Advanced Security Package are all optional. Rear-wheel-drive 3.6L models also offer a Track Package.

The award-winning Cadillac ATS sedan balances performance and refinement, wrapped in a progressive expression of Cadillac's Art & Science design philosophy. Named 2013 North American Car of the Year, the ATS compact luxury sedan has drawn new customers to the brand and helped to continue the evolution and elevation of Cadillac.

The 2014 Cadillac ATS Crimson Sport Edition will be available in dealerships at the end of March. The limited-edition package carries an MSRP of $46,010 for the 2.0T Performance Collection and $51,010 for the 3.6L Premium Collection.

Cadillac has been a leading luxury auto brand since 1902. Today Cadillac is growing globally, driven by an expanding product portfolio featuring dramatic design and technology. More information on Cadillac appears at Cadillac's media website with information, images and video can be found at

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Months Ago
      Happy they retain the OLD classic logo and front FACIA that doesn't match the goofy face of the coupe. I like the new red colour. Would prefer a regular streering wheel, along with brown/red or beize interior trim.
      • 9 Months Ago
      Kinda looks like the Sport Red Metallic my G8 is painted. If so its going to look FANTASTIC in the sunlight.
      • 9 Months Ago
      We don't want a sporty color. We want the V.
      Roger Smith
      • 9 Months Ago
      For a second a saw Cimarron in here,but I was wrong,let see how and when they issue a recall to replace bad engines on those,knocking sound at 7K is not a good sign at all (on 4 turbo) but other than that and the rear useless trunk if I win the lotto I'll buy,if is my own money I get a Beemer or Audi and trading next month my CC for the new sedan A3
        Dixon Ticonderoga
        • 9 Months Ago
        @Roger Smith
        As a former Audi owner who now owns a Cadillac; I hope your Audi dealer has a better selection of loaner cars than mine did as those will be your daily drivers. I'm not bitter (I totally am). That being said, I can't figure out which you Cimmaron comment is more: tired, unfunny, inaccurate or dumb. I won't even get into the irony of you making it while bragging about buying a hopped up Jetta.
      • 9 Months Ago
      Saw and sat in my first ATS at the auto-show last month. I was predisposed to be impressed, but everything about this car screamed cheap and tacky. It was very disappointing, and yet very Cadillac.
      Justin Shaw
      • 9 Months Ago
      I think it looks fantastic in that color
      • 9 Months Ago
      I loved the ATS when it came out. I still think it's sharp. But then that That car has all kinds of presence. It looks like a vehicle that Al Capone would drive. On a recent evening, I saw one come across my field of vision and the back of it reminded me of the S-class, while the front looks like nothing else on the road. A dealer not far from me is offering a lease of 439/month plus tax and title fees. 0 security deposit. 0 down. Maybe the next ATS or a refresh of it can alter the front to resemble the CTS.
      • 9 Months Ago
      The ATS may have been fairly well received in the media but isn't doing particularly well in sales especially given the degree of incentives GM has placed on it. Inventories are high, incentives are high, and sales are down 30% so far this year. For being an all new model last year, it's struggling.
        • 9 Months Ago
        It takes time to build a brand. Most people aren't aware of the ATS yet, they're still thinking about the last generation lineup. This is why Cadillac needs a halo car. When the new Escalade hits show rooms that should attract more people. Some will just look, some will buy an Escalade, and some of will buy another model. That is how the halo effect works, although the halo effect of the Escalade may not be enough. I think something like an Elmiraj would do the trick.
      • 9 Months Ago
      And I still think they are missing something. No fog lights. No 18" wheel option on the base 6spd WITHOUT opting for CUE. Once that happens price jumps several K for options you simply don't want! This car is so close and packaging limitations are a holdback!
        • 9 Months Ago
        Price out a BMW lately?
          • 9 Months Ago
          Oh yea they get goofy too. When I'm spending nice coin I want it the way I want it and not rather told how I can have and be blessedly lucky to pay more for it. That's just my idiosyncrasy.....
      • 9 Months Ago
      That's a very color. Now bring out the ATS-V in matte black.
      • 9 Months Ago
      Agree with comments below -- attractive, nice to drive, feels cheap inside, interior no threat to BMW or Audi. My local dealer has "$8000 off" on the windshield of every Caddy in stock -- when was the last time you saw that at a BMW, Audi or Lexus store? Never?
      • 9 Months Ago
      ATS is tiny inside. You don't sit in this car, you wear it, which actually does appeal to a few people. I didn't get my seat belt on without whacking the salesguy. Rear seat area belongs in a subcompact. Despite the V6 and 6,500 miles all broke in, it seemed surprisingly slow. And then there's the price. Crazy price, enough to cause a quick trip to Lexus reliabilityville. Unlike GM with a full stable of new cars which are gonna break, break, break. Reasonably cute outside, with the exception of the front that laughably mimics a big car, and the back, which is too busy to claim any luxury refinement. The actual manufacturing cost between this and a CTS is a few hundred bucks. Trying to segment the market and stratifying the CTS buyer into big bucks territory, is another pipe dream for GM. If I got one of these for free, I'd just sell it undriven.
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