• Harley-Davidson FLHRC Road King Classic

  • Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King

  • FLRTX Road Glide Custom

  • FLTRU Road Glide Ultra

  • FXS Softail Blackline

  • Harley-Davidson XR1200X-R Sporster

Harley-Davidson is making some room on its dealers' showroom floors. The motorcycle manufacturer has announced it will kill off a total of six models for 2014, including the XR1200X Sportster, FXS Softail Blackline and the FLHTC Electra Glide Classic. The company says it's pulling the plug on the bikes to "optimize the number of choices available," according to VisorDown, and to "reduce product overlap." We imagine it also has something to do with the fact that Harley-Davidson saw sales decline by more than 9 percent year over year despite an increase in profits in 2012.

Much of that sales decline can be attributed to lackluster demand in the US. The manufacturer will axe the FLHRC Road King Classic in North America only, while the FLHR Road King will fall off of the order books in other markets. Don't expect to see the FLTRX Road Glide Custom or the FLTRU Road Glide Ultra in 2014, either, though Harley-Davidson promises both bikes will return after a redesign.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 2 Years Ago
      Profits are up even though sales are down. Sounds like to me we can stop blaming the economy on the politicians and put it where it belongs....on the greedy backs of businesses that never have enough. Gouging has become so predominant in today's world no one thinks twice about it.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Simplifying your product line just makes sense if you are looking to trim costs. The XR1200X Sportster was a nice departure from the usual line-up but I'm also not suprised it didn't sell well. Not all experiements suceed, but I give them credit for giving it a shot. Seeing as a good 60-70% of the bikes around here are Harley's I'm not expecting H-D to go away any time soon. Sure it may be popular among baby-boomers, but they've done an excellent job marketing themselves over the years and there are plenty of younger riders who only want to ride Harleys too. Personally I'm not a cruiser/foot forward kind of rider. It's just not my thing, but I don't have a problem with H-D and I'll wave to any rider on the road, even the scooters.
      • 2 Years Ago
      VERY STUPID IDEA TO GET RID OF THE "ROAD KING"!! Oh well,.......probably couldn't afford it anyway......! Love to have one.
      • 2 Years Ago
      This is a HORRIBLE idea. And Yuppies have killed the Harley, but not in the way you'd like to think. Fact is, the Heritage Road King and XR1200 are standard icons in the bike world. One is a throwback to the early days of the 50s biker and the other is an aggressive flat-tracker reminiscent of greats like Evel Knievel. Unfortunately, while the quality of the product validates the pricing when you compare what you get from other manufacturers, they are still in the 17 t0 19 thousand dollar range. Between well off Yuppies professionals driving up the asking prices, and the plummeting economy these are just a hard sell. I'd much sooner see them drop the Vrods which you almost never see on the road compared to the RKs and XRs. Hell, they don't even make a single springer model anymore; WTF?
      • 2 Years Ago
      Sad, but probably needed. In my humble opinion, H-D needs to compete in the global economy worldwide and in North America/IUSA. The Heritage Road King and XR1200 will be missed; the others probably not so much. I'm a Harley rider and owner who likes old style bikes with new mechanicals (EFI, ABS, radial tubeless tires...) that can handle and drive in todays world market. H-D looks like it's killing or changing some dinosaurs. I would suggest a H-D in 600-800cc cruiser range, reasonably priced, with good economy as both an entry bike and a world bike.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Bring back the FXR!
      Power of prayer
      • 2 Years Ago
      I have 102K on my 02' RK Classic...... high maintenance but love it 2 death...
      • 2 Years Ago
      I like old motorcycles.
      • 2 Years Ago
      I am a Triumph owner, not a Harley owner. I am sad to see the XR 1200 go. I was considering it for my next bike. I suppose I won't have much trouble finding a 2012 if I choose to go that route. I do think Harley Davidson needs some new models. An entry level cruiser in the 800 to 1,200 cc range would be good. The smaller framed 883 Sportsters are uncomfortable for most adult male riders and most are upgrading to the Dyna class after one season on a Sportster. They are not doing this because they need a more powerful engine but because the frame of the bike is too small. It does not make sense for new riders to purchase a new Sportster that they are only going to have to trade in after one year. A larger framed 900cc cruiser makes more sense for a new rider than the current Sportsters.
        • 2 Years Ago
        If you are with Triumph watch out for Sportsters. I never rode one ; but hear they vibrate way too much.
          • 2 Years Ago
          Not if you have a B motor.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Too many models, its gotten to be alphabet soup looking at the model designations. In the old days there were 5 models, the FL, and FLH, the XL, and the XLCH. And the venerable servi-car. This does not include those little things they sold that were produced by Aermacchi in Italy. Go back to basics MoCo.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Glad I went with my 1 of 216 '11 Ivory and gold Screamin Eagle RoadGlide Ultra. I have owned a 'Wing and it's a smooth ride but lacks soul much like the cookie cutter cars that are everywhere today. My FLTRUSE is every bit as smooth, it has all the same refinements (ABS,cruise, sirrius/XM, FI, etc...) plus the panache of a 110ci v twin, by the way, thats 109hp & 114ft/lbs of torque, which is enough to get the front wheel in the air on a 902lb (dry) bike. I personally wouldn't own anything else.
      • 2 Years Ago
      I have an 04 Roadstar and I can tell you these new Harleys are an absolute treat to ride. Mine has a 102ci with more mods than I care to count. It's a nice bike but the new Harley 103ci has an awesome powertrain and the gearing is spectacular. I'm shocked by the Road King and the Road Glide departures. Ask a sales guys and they will tell you the Road Glide is the best handling bike they make. It will be interesting what the redesign looks like. For the record, I don't care what you ride or why. Motorcyclists are some of the most awesome people I've ever met. All this "my bike is better than your bike" sounds like kids talking about how tough their dads are. A rider is a rider! Chrome up, rubber down, and see you on the road!!
        • 2 Years Ago
        The Roadglide sucks for the reason the guy above states...you catch all the cold air on cold days and all the rain on rainy days...it absolutely should not be a tour model...the fairing sucks for any protection from the elements.
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