Modified pink Toyota Camry for Top Gear USA - video screencap

The Stig makes his return to Top Gear USA on the History Channel tonight, though it looks like the circumstances could be better. The upside is that Rutledge Wood, Adam Ferrara and Tanner Foust appear to have built themselves a Road-Warrior-iffic late-1990s Toyota Camry complete with an electric fence. The Stig chases down his prey with, naturally, a Panther. Seems appropriate.

Looking more closely, it almost seems like a Camry body was bolted atop a truck frame, and you'd expect something like a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor to be the most menacing Panther, but the Stig does a good job being scary in a Lincoln Town Car. The only way to know for sure what went down is to watch tonight. Scroll down to check out a clip, and hit the gallery for some shots you'll only find on Autoblog.
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