• Nov 1st 2011 at 6:30PM
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has turned its newest model, the iQ, over to some of the most ambitious tuners in the U.S. for SEMA 2011, and the results do not disappoint. Cartel has gone crazy with the company's miniscule hatchback by turning it into a wild paddock service vehicle. With storage for tools and tires as well as a custom chop-top design, the Cartel Scion iQ Pit Boss is unlike anything else on the show floor. We're not sure what we like best; the earth-shaking stereo system or the ever-ready impact driver in the center console.

Tatsu, meanwhile, has taken an entirely different approach with the Scion iQ. The shop started by surgically removing the vehicle's tiny front-mounted four-cylinder engine and re-inserting it into back hatch. The result is what is very likely the world's first mid-engined Scion iQ. The four-pot dumps power on the rear wheels, though the fuel cell has been moved under the hood for a little extra weight balance. Even so, the short-wheel base racer should make for a seriously entertaining handful out on the track.

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        Tolitz Rosel
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        stupid hater ;)
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          @Tolitz Rosel
          Just stupid.
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        That's exactly what I thought about the xA and xB when they first came out. I literally LoL'd when I first saw one. Now I'm currently shopping for a first gen xB. Small cars are the future. The quicker you embrace them the quicker you can start enjoying them.
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        Oh shut up, vwfailsagain...
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