• Dec 26th 2008 at 8:59AM
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A busted car theft ring has turned up a vintage Cadillac once owned by one of the Magnificent Seven. The five-finger-discount drivers out of Colorado, headed by Jeffrey Earle Piper, would steal expensive rental cars, change their VIN numbers and "sell" them. The new "owner", who was in on the whole thing, would then report "his" car stolen and collect on the insurance policy. One of the cars found among the loot: a $133,000 1959 Cadillac – looks like a Series 62 convertible – that once belonged to Steve McQueen. It's other claim to fame: a guest spot on the TV show MacGuyver. The mystery we're still trying to solve is which one of its owners put the Yeti pelt over the driver's seat? Hat tip to Derek!

[Source: Denver Post]

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      Hope you still dont belive all you hear on the tv news or the newspapers. this story was overblown and many wrong facts made public.
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      A pair of nitpicks related to writing, rather than the article:

      1) "It's" is NEVER a possessive. You should know this, as writers.

      2) "MacGyver" never ever had a "u" anywhere in the name.
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      "The mystery we're still trying to solve is which one of its owners put the Yeti pelt over the driver's seat?..."

      Some elusive "Sasquatch" has a taste for Caddys...
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      And this isn't even all of it. I was working for Mr. Piper until November of this year as manager of a bar/restaraunt he was involved in. When the detectives showed up to arrest him this summer I took over the bookwork for the month that he was being held and discovered mass discrepencies in the taxes and payroll. On top of being a car thief he has many questions to answer about the income of the business, especially to his partner, the city, state and federal govt. about sales, liscence, income, medicair, liquer, cigarette, unemployment and workmans compensation taxes which somehow were either never paid or in the case of sales and liscence, vastly understated. I have hade the dubious "pleasure" of riding in several of the vechicles in question (mostly Shelby Mustangs) and was quite shocked when details of his arrest became public knowledge, they greatly differed from his version of the events. The local tax agencies and detective services have since been in contact with me and are investigating all of this as I type. Maybe I'll actually get my income tax back this year compared to last which somehow just never got paid. Hope all the other employees he jipped will too.

      Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, surely made my Christmas season seeing this on the local news today.
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      Now THAT is a car.