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Those of you rolling in any new BMW model equipped with sat nav and Bluetooth connectability, save the Z4 and X3, can now integrate Google's useful, albeit sometimes erroneous, route plotting into your Bimmer. The joint effort between ze Germans and the search overlords allow users to log onto Google Maps UK, plan their route and then send the information to the vehicle's sat nav.

While that might seem like a redundancy, the truly sweet feature of the system is the ability to import ten RSS feeds into the BMW's computer, allowing you to check up on the happenings of the automotive world from your go-to obessives at Autoblog. Just try to avoid gawking at galleries while in route to pick up the kiddies.

BMW's full press release is posted post jump.


BMW teams up with Google

BMW has teamed up with Google, the world's most frequented internet portal, to offer a unique function on its cars. Now BMW cars specified with Bluetooth telephone preparation and satellite navigation will come as standard with a new advanced BMW ConnectedDrive system using Google to make route planning even easier*.

Prior to any journey the driver of a new BMW can now log on to www.maps.google.co.uk from his PC, find their intended destination in advance and send it to their car. The move means drivers save time on the road with the exact destination and contact details stored in the car for future use. The Google feature has been introduced at the same time as an innovative news feed function. A BMW driver can have up to 10 differently sourced RSS news feeds sent to the car. An owner can also view the weather outlook via the car. The new-look BMW ConnectedDrive package is free of charge to owners for three years.

*Except Z4 and X3 models.

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      • 7 Years Ago
      Love the title! Even better being true.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Audi announced that a couple of months ago also.

      Problem I have is that maps.google sucks online. 60% of the time the information is inaccurate and the directions can get you lost. Now put this in a car??? Oh brother!

      Then again Mapquest and Maps.com aren't much better...
      • 7 Years Ago
      ths is much better than the mercedes search and send. you can actually do a local google search in the car too (which hopefully means the information is always up to date, instead of stuck to a navigation disc which is rarely updated). check out the film here: http://www.bmw.com/com/en/insights/technology/connecteddrive/overview.html?content_type=intro&source=/com/en/insights/technology/technology_guide/articles/connecteddrive.html&article=overview
      Suppossedly it will get even better, with email access too.
      from the site:
      "The internet platform BMW Online enables you to access e-mail, news and stock market updates on the road."
      • 7 Years Ago
      Sure, but does it have a keyboard and a great big screen like your PC? Get over it, your TomTom is nice, but this solution sounds easier to use. And also I would not have to carry my GPS to the car ... or out of the car.
      • 7 Years Ago
      i was telling my clients about this months ago, having been privvy to development while in Germany. Hello to all of those who i sat with and introduced the features of their new bmw's..
      • 7 Years Ago
      Why God Why doesn't the USA ever get cool stuff like this!!! I wish I could plan a route on my computer then send it to my car. Would save tons or time inputing it on the nav system.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I can easily plan routes on my desktop at home and send them to the nav system in my Elantra or viceversa... oh, yeah, I have a desktop PC installed in my car. I wish it didn't keep draining my battery overnight when it doens't shut down properly though; pushing the car down the hill in the morning is getting old.
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