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The history of Daimler Motor Corp. is very interesting and full of twists and turns. You can read about it here, but the part we're most interested in today starts in 1960. That's when Jaguar obtained the rights to use the Daimler name, and they have continued to use it on top-of-the-line Jaguars in every country but the U.S. since then. The latest Daimler model was the Super 8 introduced in 2005, pictured above.

So here we are in 2007 when DaimlerChrysler no longer wants to be associated with its American half, but Ford owns the rights to the Daimler name. AutomotiveNews (sub. req.) reports the two companies have worked out a deal that will allow both Ford and DaimlerChrysler to use the name Daimler, adding one more twist in the brand's history. No word yet on how much money exchanged hands during the deal, but Automotive News says it was struck before Cerberus agreed to buy Chrysler.

Stay tuned for the next exciting development on "As Daimler Turns," which just might some vocal Germans unhappy about the automaker not using Benz in its name.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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      Once again, wikipedia can offer a little context here. Daimler Motor Company and Daimler-Benz/Chrysler have had zero to do with each other for 100+ years.
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      Why can't Jaguar just call their top-of-the-line Jags "Vanden Plas" all over the world and call it a day. Makes no sense...furthermore as long as XJ will be pushed towards older crowd the less younger audience Jag will get. Here's to XF.
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        You've obviously never experienced the delights of the Metro or Montego Vanden Plas? Or how about the Allegro Vanden Plas with it's 'I want to be a Rolls Royce' grill?

        Seriously, check it out.

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      I was always very confused by the whole Daimler Chrysler name thing.
      Part of me thinks that because Daimler was a german car manufacturer the name should stay German but the bigger part of me thinks that because the name has gone on so many of the higher end Jags for so long that it should stay there.
      I'm still a little confused quite honestly and as a North American the name Daimler just means Jaguar that's not sold here to me.
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