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Jalopnik got their mitts on these newly-minted Ford Truck spots with Mike Rowe. For those of you who've been living under a rock for the last year, Mike Rowe is the host of Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs," a show that would be hilarious just on the strength of Rowe's comedic timing and commentary. It's a very "guy thing" show, I doubt I'd ever walk in the room and find that my wife had tuned to it on her own. Of course, the appeal is wide enough that she'd sit down and watch, were it to be on.

Such is the appeal that Ford wishes to garner with the F150. They've successfully scrubbed the king of pickup sales behind the ears to great result. The problem is that while the F150 waits until 2009 for a refresh, GM just rolled out the GMT900s, and the Tundra is all-new. Granted, the Tundra isn't a proven threat yet, and with a goal of 200,000 this year, they'll probably sell out without dinging F150 sales. Perception's a funny thing though, and Ford wants to be certain that when people think Pickup, they think F150, hence the revamped ads. We think it's a smart move, as Mike Rowe has charisma and delivery that should at least amuse us. Whether it will help sell trucks remains to be seen.

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[Source: Jalopnik]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Oh okay Andy, it is alright for Toyota to make their share of V-8 trucks and SUVs? What about Nissan with the Titian and Armada? What about GM? It is not only Ford who makes big trucks and SUVs.

      BTW, Car and Driver said that it got 16 mpg after being at the test track. Some other websites like edmunds have got as high as 20mpg and as low as 17 after being at the test track.
      • 8 Years Ago
      If you haven't drive a new 5.7 Tundra then you really are not able to give any kind of opinion with any real value.

      The Ford spot seems to be misleading on two points. They talk about a fully-boxed frame as if it's the best technology for trucks. Anyone looked at the frame under their F250 or F350 lately. Guess what???

      And try to buy an F150 that can tow 11,000 pounds. I heard it's about 1% of their production.

      Every Tundra, with the 5.7L, will tow over 10,000 pounds right off the showroom floor. And the cool thing about the Tundra ads is the tag at the bottom that says "ACTUAL DEMONSTRATION".

      Before you dismiss the Toyota because of your loyalty to Ford/Chevy/Dodge you should go drive one. It will shock you. Then we'll see if you have the nuts to drive it and then be honest with yourself and the rest of us online here.

      • 8 Years Ago
      toyboy, go to www.insideline.com and check 4runner complaints/recalls. pay special attention to the one about rust through on 4runner frames if you can find it amoung all the rest of the problems.
      at least we know where you got the idea to invent the sagging f250 whopper you told. loser.
      • 8 Years Ago
      first of all i copyed a whole page ,the most recent infact ,so if there was any negetive it would be in it ,check the numbers,jerk off?if i were you i would not be posting so close to mine ,i just might jerk off in your mouth ,then again you probebly like it,ass wipe
      • 8 Years Ago
      well folks here we go again,i just saw on tv last night ford is recalling all f150 through to 550 for engine fire AGAIN ,LOL,WOW,but i have to go to work now but you bet i will be looking forword to getting back home
      • 8 Years Ago
      WOW! Imagine Mike Rowe siding with a company that is losing $25,000 per minute! And.... How about Ford sponsoring all those GAY commercials, hey Mike, your reputation is going down the toilet!
      • 8 Years Ago
      saw my first 07 tundra at 1255pm 03/02/07 heading north on harlem ave. orland park il. on the back of a flatbed towtruck. not a dealer transfer, this thing had plates on it. got pictures. not a first good image.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Mike Rowe makes an awesome truck spokes person. I also like how it feels more honest and not fancy stuff like the Tundra commercials are.

      That being said, I still wouldn't buy the F150 over the Tundra. Car and Drive just rated the F150 the worst of 5 this month!
      • 8 Years Ago
      ooooh! toyoda4shit, i think i hit an nerve. please, since you're a carpenter, don't hit your finger with your hammer. (fisher price hammers really don't hurt.) your whole statement has holes. just checked cars.com for rav4 and seinna recalls.
      and you probably missed this one, it's new. 12-06-2006, 159K 2001-2002 rav4 check engine lite, problem in ecm.
      and none of these include the sludge and ball joint issues.
      sienna did better, but campaign 01v072000 defective weld on subframe, that one i'd worry about.
      bottom line, you're full of crap. period. when you come up with bs stories, try a little harder to make them more believable. the stuff you said was carried in that F250 would'nt make a chevy luv buckle. maybe a ridgeline. ever see that drop test they did on the F250 commercials? form about six feet they dropped a 4000lb. weight and oh! surprise, it did'nt buckle. take your bs elsewhere. looser.
      p.s. rav4? now that's a real manly truck. last i heard pee wee herman drove one.
      • 8 Years Ago
      to answer bob ,you expect me to tell you how it happen ?they took it in the shop where they baught the cap and what ever they did is holding up pretty good and for the record the cap is pretty heavy but this should not be a weak truck. im still cracking up over dfag aka DAVID post about toyota recalls ,and my girl drives the rav4 and it is an awesome little truck ,i herd about the check engine recall on the rav4, so now toyota is bullshit?for me to get all the recall data on ford it would take one of the f150 to carry ,but then again it will probly brake or catch fire,read and weep BITCH .• Feds Probe Fires in Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute
      • Feds Wind Up Ford Engine Fire Probe with Massive Recall
      • Ford Truck Fires Mount as Recall Rolls Slowly
      • Ford Trucks Burn As Recall Fiddles
      • Ford Truck Fire Fix Delayed by Parts Shortage
      • Ford Recalls 4 Million Trucks to Fix Fire Risk
      • Nader Demands NHTSA Warn Ford Truck Owners
      • Wrongful Death Suit Charges House Fire Started in F-150
      • Feds Look Deeper for Ford Fire Causes
      • Recall Leaves Many Questions Unanswered
      • Houston Lawyers Sue Ford
      • Ford Recalls Some Fire-Prone Models
      • Feds Probe Ford F-150 Engine Fires
      • Ford Recall Was Biggest Ever
      • Bronco
      • Crown Victoria
      • Dump truck
      • Expedition
      • Explorer
      • F-150
      • Other F-Series Trucks
      • Focus
      • Mustang
      • Ranger Pickup
      • Taurus
      • Windstar

      The estimated 3.8 million Ford vehicles affected by the recall are from the 1994-2002 model years and include the Ford F-150 pickup as well as the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Ford Bronco SUVs. and thats not all for more go to consumeraffairs.com ,and yea go bring up toyota recent racalls ,one year of major recalls and oh toyota sucks ,just to prove how dumb you are ford has way more recalls than toyota and you still bring up recalls
      • 8 Years Ago
      Mike Rowe is pretty cool, but unfortunately, he won't be able to save Ford. Ford sucks.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Yes the F-150 is underpowered.

      But not for long.
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