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Japan court adds 10 more days to Ghosn's detention

Ghosn will remain in Tokyo's main detention center

Ghosn will remain in Tokyo's main detention center.

Nintendo wins judgment against real-life Mario Kart operator in Japan

The video game maker is ultra protective of its intellectual property

The video game maker is ultra protective of its intellectual property.

I went to Japan to drive cars, and fell in love with trains | Autoblog in Japan

We like going fast. Here's how to ride the bullet train

We like going fast. Here's how to ride the bullet train.

A journey to our driving future | Autoblog in Japan

Introduction: Join us as we explore transportation's past, present, future

Join us for a journey to Japan, Autoblog style.

Seeing the sights with Subaru EyeSight's Touring Assist | Autoblog in Japan

We don't get it in the U.S. ... yet

We don't get it in the U.S. ... yet.

Volvo, UberEats team for rolling restaurant experience in Tokyo

An Iron Chef already has selected the menu.

A rolling, engaging dining experience.

Toyota next fuel cell vehicle is a big ole bus

The Toyota FC Bus is coming soon.

It's the biggest Mirai around.

Tokyo cops now have three Nissan 370Z Nismo patrol cars

Nissan delivered a trio of 370Z Nismo patrol cars to the Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo, putting street racers on notice.

Grand Theft Auto VI is coming, and GTA: Tokyo never did

TechRadar has learned a few things to excite (and maybe disappoint) fans of Rockstar's open world megafranchise.

Formula E to race in Hong Kong, Australia in Season 3

Tokyo, New York Already Under Consideration For Season 4

Discussions are already underway for new Formula E races in seasons to come in locations like Hong Kong, Australia, Tokyo, and New York.

Japan wants to make the 2020 Olympics hydrogen powered

Toyota, Honda, Nissan All Kicking In Funds For The Tokyo Games

Much of Tokyo's hydrogen refueling infrastructure for the 2020 Olympics will be subsidized, in part by domestic automakers.

Toyota's future fuel cell vehicle lineup revealed?

Hydrogen-Powered Lexus LS, Toyota Crown, And Estima Minivan All Possible

Toyota isn't going to let its Olympic sponsorship go to waste. In time for the 2020 games in Tokyo, the company wants to have at least eight new vehicles ready, including three possibly powered by fuel cells.

Toyota ready to test fuel cell buses in Japan

Toyota and Hino will begin a week-long test of a hydrogen fuel-cell bus on public routes in central Tokyo from July 24-30.

Toyota's Mirai fuel cell car gets its own special showroom

Automaker Will Have One Mirai To Show, One To Go (Test-Drive)

Toyota will open a special showroom in Tokyo for the hydrogen-powered Mirai fuel-cell vehicle.

Toyota i-ROAD goes to carsharing service Park24 in Tokyo

Toyota, Park24 Will Charge About $3.50 Per 15-Minute Intervals

Toyota will make i-Road three-wheeled EVs available in April for Tokyo car-sharing program at a cost of about $3.50 per 15 minutes.

Tokyo wants 6k fuel-cell cars from Toyota and Honda for 2020 Olympics

The government in Tokyo, Japan, is embarking on an aggressive plan to put 6,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and have 35 hydrogen refueling station in the city in time for the Olympic games there in 2020. It's working with Toyota and Honda to hopefully make the goal a reality.

Honda rolls out various oddities for 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda lineup for Japan's version of the SEMA show, the Tokyo Auto Salon, is lead by the new N-Box Slash but includes oddities of every shape and size.

GoPro checks out Tokyo's automotive night life in 4K

There's something bizarrely fascinating about Japanese car culture, especially around Tokyo. The metropolis packs people tightly together in a way that would seem to make owning any car tough. And yet, there's still enough enthusiasm around anything with an engine to support everything from wildly tuned bosozoku rides with exhaust pipes reaching toward the sky to seriously fast Porsche and Lamborghini models.

Camatte concept puts the Toy back in Toyota [w/videos]

It's been two years since Toyota first revealed its Camatte show car at the Tokyo Toy Show. Though sadly never destined for production, Toyota brought the concept back the following year as the Camatte 57s roadster, and is now returning to the same show with yet another take on the kid-friendly, configurable 1+2 with interchangeable body panels - this time with a slew of features that are fresh not only to the concept itself, but to the industry altogether.

Toyota takes i-Road tests to the streets of Tokyo

OK, here's where we think those road tests will start to get a little scary. Those super-narrow all-electric three-wheeled Toyota i-Road vehicles may have looked great sashaying through the towns of the French Riviera. But now? They're being tested in Tokyo. Hoo boy.

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