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Texas electric vehicle rebates are back

State pays an additional $2,500 for up to 2,000 EVs — Teslas not allowed

It's an additional $2,500 for up to 2,000 EVs.

Could self-driving cars stop terrorist attacks?

Vehicles have become readily available violent weapons, but autonomous tech could "de-weaponize cars."

Vehicles have become readily available violent weapons, but autonomous tech could "de-weaponize cars."

Dune buggies face an uncertain future in Texas

Revoked titles steer Texan buggies off-road.

Has the Texas DMV dune goofed?

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Hurricane Harvey damages refineries, releasing thousands of pounds of pollutants

12,000 pounds of airborne chemicals were released after the storm caused ExxonMobil to shut down its facility in Baytown, TX.

Flooding from Hurricane Harvey destroys thousands of vehicles

After a disaster, the National Insurance Crime Bureau works with companies and authorities to identify cars with insurance claims to process them for sale.

Arlington, TX gets autonomous shuttles for Cowboys, Rangers games

They'll help people get around on game days.

They're driverless, electric and free to use.

Texas brings back $2,500 EV incentive, but excludes Tesla

The program runs through franchise dealers.

Texas had discontinued the state-funded electric vehicle perk in 2015.

Texas explicitly allows driverless car tests

Critics are worried the new law in Texas is too lenient.

Texas legislature overrules Austin, allows Uber and Lyft to return

The governor is poised to sign the override into law.

Watch cop let chief off for doing 92 mph: 'Take care, buddy'

'How fast was I going? ... Holy mackerel!'

Way to set an example for the kids there, Chief.

Formula One's formula for success is to book Justin Timberlake

He follows last year's U.S. Grand Prix performance by Taylor Swift.

He's bringing sexy racing fans back.

Discerning Ram owners can now match their truck to their RV

RV Match Brown replaces White Gold, which apparently didn't match with anything.

Ram, thinking of everything.

Houston repair shop disappears and takes man's Lexus with it

A man in Houston, Texas, is out his sweet new Lexus after the small-time repair shop he took it to just up and disappeared along with his car last month.

Texan arrested for driving his lawnmower down busy Houston freeway

A Texas man is in some serious trouble today after lashing his son to himself with a dog leash then driving down a Houston freeway on a riding mower last Sunday.

Oldest living American WWII vet is a confirmed Ford man

And yes, he still drives.

At 110-years-old, Richard Overton is the oldest living United States Army veteran in the world. Born in Bastrop County, TX, in 1906, Overton served as a combat engineer in the South Pacific with the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion. Today, Overton resides in Austin where he lives independently in the house he built in 1945.

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