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Scania says U.S. sanctions put entire Iran truck sales in 'jeopardy'

Scania has one of the larger truck presences in Iran

Scania has one of the larger truck presences in Iran.

Volvo announces its first ’climate-neutral’ car factory

It gets its heating and electricity from renewable sources

Volvo's Skövde, Sweden, plant represent a step toward completely climate-neutral manufacturing.

Swedish startup Uniti sets debut date for crowdfunded urban EV

Its body is made of biocomposites and carbon fiber, and the car was developed using virtual reality.

Its body is made of biocomposites and carbon fiber, and the car was developed using virtual reality.

Einride T-Pod is an electric, self-driving truck with no windows

The Swedish company unveiled this driverless prototype.

The future looks weird.

Koenigsegg Agera RS crashes in testing

The rare supercar was bound for a customer in the US.

The driver and passenger were taken to the hospital, then released.

Uniti EV-maker gets more than $1 million with crowdfunding

The Swedish company plans for a prototype in 2017, with sales starting in 2020.

Uniti has attracted 570 crowd-funding investors as well as 140 non-binding purchase offers for its electric vehicle.

Uniti raises $730,000 for its crowdfunded electric vehicle

Sweden-based EV startup has taken pre-orders from more than 140 people for electric trike.

Startup surpasses crowd-funding goal for EV with more than a month to go in its campaign.

If electric roads are gonna happen, they might come to Sweden first

Sweden will spend $3 million on testing electrified roads.

The massive funding will go towards strengthening Swedish and Nordic research resources.

Volvo to go autonomous only when 'it's not really fun to drive'

The company reiterated its plans to accept liability for its autonomous products.

Volvo's CEO believes that drivers still want to drive. That's a sentiment we can really get behind.

First Hyperloop feasibility study promises huge economic return

It'd be pricey, but ultimately worth it if these numbers are correct.

The line would run between Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden, and would cut the commute time from hours to just 28 minutes.

Sweden testing electric trucks on wired roads

Sweden wants to have a fossil-fuel-free truck fleet by 2030.

Sweden has started two electric road tests for heavy-duty trucks. They're like trains, but not.

H-Day: When Sweden switched to the other side of the road

The 99% Invisible podcast has a fascinating story on a country switching from right-hand drive to left-hand drive. Go listen.

Volvo teases new concept ahead of debut

Could we be seeing a new, compact Swedish crossover?

Volvo has released a single teaser image of an upcoming concept vehicle, which will be introduced during an event in Gothenburg next week.

Pagani Huayra BC looks even cooler on ice

If you thought the new Pagani Huayra BC looked cool in normal circumstances, just wait until you watch it drifting through the snow at Bosch's test center in northern Sweden.

DIY 4-wheel e-bike looks like a car, goes 37 miles in EV mode

Swedish designer Mikael Kjellman is crowdfunding his DIY, all-weather PodRide on Indiegogo.

We dialed a random Swede, talked about not driving Volvos

Sometimes you get a Brit, but it was still a fun talk.

The Swedish Tourist Association wants you to call up a random Swede. So we did.

Saab signs deal to sell 20,000 electric cars in China

National Electric Vehicle Sweden signs a framework deal worth $996 million to provide 20,000 Saab 9-3 electric cars to Volinco, a Chinese aerospace firm.

EV drivers test out gas car for the first time: 'It feels weird'

Swedish EV advocacy group Power Circle turns a short story about an an EV driver going ICE for the first time into a short film.

Volvo launches in-car package delivery service in Gothenburg

This Christmas, Santa's reindeer will deliver presents to Volvo owners in Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of the company's In-Car Delivery pilot program.

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