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Tesla Model 3 now offers 'Summon' self-parking feature

It can even open and close the garage door

It can even open and close the garage door.

Tesla update helps users avoid self-parking mistakes

The fix follows a Model S crash that happened in "Summon" mode.

After a reported crash while in Summon mode, Tesla updates the self-driving software used in the Model S and X.

Second Tesla Model S driver blames Autopilot failure for crash

California driver blames car, Tesla says system worked properly

A Tesla driver in California says an Autopilot failure caused rear-ending highway accident.

Tesla improves Summon feature with more safety

Tesla's Autonomous-Parking Lets Drivers Squeeze Car Into Tight Spots

Tesla's Summon self-parking feature adds safety precautions to stop the car if the owner drops the keys.

Tesla Autopilot promo shows what it can do for your commute

Tesla hasn't technically made a TV ad yet, but this might as well be one. It shows off the autopilot features in a commuting Model S EV.

Tesla Autopark will get help from that creepy robot arm

Elon Musk Says New Autocharging Tech Will Come To Superchargers First

On a conference call with reporters today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave more details about the new Autopark tech, including a preview of a self-charging future.

Summon your Tesla Model S with new Autopilot feature [UPDATE]

7.1 Update Also Restricts Some Options

The latest Autopilot software update allows the Tesla Model S to enter or leave its parking space and come to you, under certain conditions.