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Dems raise concerns over self-driving bill, cite Tesla Autopilot crash

Tesla slammed into a fire truck while in semi-autonomous mode

Five Democratic U.S. senators on Wednesday urged changes to a stalled bill aimed at speeding the deployment and testing of self-driving cars. They cited a California crash of a Tesla in Autopilot mode into the back of a fire truck.

Investigation reveals that semi driver, not automatic braking, saved child from collision

The Latvian trucking firm investigated with Volvo and determined "it was 100% human reaction." Score one for the non-robots!

The Latvian trucking firm investigated with Volvo and determined "it was 100% human reaction." Score one for the non-robots!

Nissan teases an image of 2018 Leaf's self-driving technology

We've known since the Consumer Electronics Show back in January that the 2018 Leaf will get semi-autonomous technology. Now Nissan has provided a look - a glimpse, anyway - at the Leaf ProPilot Assist system. In the image released by Nissan, above, we see the driver's display - and a button on the steering wheel labeled "Pilot." Push that and voila, or presumably voila, the displays at left are ac

First Ride
First Ride: 2018 Volvo XC60 tackles Swedish test-and-torture track

Ascents and descents and a banked oval: The XC60 had to do it all.

The XC60 has accounted for 30 percent of Volvo's yearly sales. The new model needs to match that.

Tesla's big Autopilot update is now active on newer cars

Not all of the Enhanced Autopilot features will necessarily be active right away.

Autoblog Minute
Nissan invents cruise-control chairs

The wait at the DMW will never be the same.

You can go on auto pilot in so many new ways.

Comma.ai makes your car semi-autonomous for $999

As long as you have a properly equipped Honda or Acura, that is.

All you need is a car with lane-keeping assist and a spare $999.

Honda patents show technology that could give you X-ray vision

But only when you're driving a car.

These augmented reality heads-up displays could be a big help for avoiding crashes.

Latest Tesla Autopilot-related crash occurs in China

Driver claims Tesla promoted Autopilot as self-driving technology.

The crash brings up questions about how clearly Tesla illustrates the capabilities of Autopilot.

Tesla hopes existing tech improves its semi-autonomous driving

Tesla might have a way to improve its Autopilot tech without grafting on new equipment.

Google hires the lead for Tesla's semi-autonomous driving tech

The former head of Tesla's Autopilot project, Robert Rose, has quietly been hired by Google.

Honda demonstrates driverless valet parking system with special Fit EVs

There are many challenges that will need to be sorted out before full autonomous driving becomes a reality, but automakers are taking small steps toward this advancement with semi-autonomous technologies. Nissan, Toyota and Jeffrey N. Ross

Toyota develops new pre-collision system with steering assist

A number of automakers are working on developing fully autonomous cars, but it looks like the groundwork for such technologies will likely show up first as semi-autonomous systems for both safety and convenience. Following recent announcements from Nissan and Jeffrey N. Ross

Check out Ford's fully automated self-parking car [w/video]

As automakers continue to find uses for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle technology, Ford of Europe has announced that it is developing a self-parking system for future use. More advanced than the Active Park Assist already offered in many Ford products, the new Fully Assisted Parking Aid can take full control of the vehicle