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New three-row Tiguan crossover to hit the market in 2017 after a billion-dollar investment by Volkswagen to expand its already enormous factory in Pueblo, Mexico.

VW is preparing to announce a major investment in its Puebla, Mexico factory that will add 1,900 jobs and prepare for production of the next-gen Tiguan.

After being announced a year ago, production of the Volkswagen Golf in the carmaker's plant in Puebla, Mexico has begun on the fiftieth anniversary of the company's official arrival in the country. It was 60 years ago that VW commenced exports to Mexico, formally making a home there on January 15, 1964 by establishing Volkswagen de Mexico as an importer. Thirteen years later, Puebla began its legendary run of Beetle manufacture.

Potential labor woes aside, it looks like Volkswagen's Chattanooga, TN factory must have done something that impressed the bosses in Germany, because it sounds like the three-year-old factory is set to score a second model.

Volkswagen may be about as German a company as they come, but chances are if you're buying one in North America, it was probably made in Mexico.

Audi has announced that it has settled on San José Chiapa, Mexico for its newest production facility in North America.

No surprises here. On a day in which Audi has dominated the news – by buying Ducati and unveiling a new concept for the Beijing auto show – it completes the hat trick by announcing that its new factory will be built in Mexico. Production is slated to begin in 2016, but Audi only announced that the plant would be building "an SUV model." Speculating on which that might be, we imagine it would make sense for one of the brand's high-volume nameplates to be built here in North America, w

Volkswagen has the honor of being this year's top producing North American automotive manufacturer by a wide margin with its Puebla, Mexico facility. The factory managed to produce 510,041 units last year, beating out second-place Nissan and its Aguascalientes, Mexico plant by a staggering 149,245 units, according to Ward's Auto. Nissan jumped from third to second place after Toyota and its Georgetown plant dropped from the top five. Toyota and Honda both saw themselves ousted from the leader bo

Like many a Beetle before it, Volkswagen has prepped its newest escarabajo to begin running down production facilities in Mexico. Located in Puebla, Volkswagen de México serves as one of the nation's largest employers, with a workforce of over 15,000 folks. The Puebla facility served as a major manufacturer of the preceding New Beetle, turning out 1.5 million units between 1997 and 2010. Now, the factory worker's wrenches are set to bring the updated version to life.

From Puebla to Oaxaca on the trail of La Carrera Panamericana in a Mercedes SLS AMG – Click above for high-res image gallery

Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 Special Edition - Click above for hi-res image gallery

An online Mexican newspaper has announced that Phoenix MotorCars is building a manufacturing plant in the state of Puebla in México. The plant, which is made jointly with Pristine International, will create 1,500 jobs in the area. The plant will be built in a new industrial development area near Huejotzingo's airport. The companies are investing an initial $90 million, but a total of $250 million will be invested in the near future.

Volkswagen's 9,700 hourly employees at its Puebla, Mexico plant have a beef with their German employer over pay. After rejecting Volkswagen's August 17 offer of a four percent raise in pay, workers left their jobs this morning to strike, holding out for the 8.5 percent raise they put onto the table.

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