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Ford Focus RS is the hottest/coolest taxi in Norway

"More gas, more gas!"

Evald Jåstad of Norway drives a Ford Focus RS called "Blue Lightning" as his taxi, and the locals love it.

Toyota to test Prius PHEV in Oslo, Norway

Toyota Prius PHEV – Click above for high-res image gallery

Metro Buddy officially launched, will invade Europe

Metro Buddy - Click above for a hi-res gallery

Sneak Peek: A look at the new Metro Buddy

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EVS-24 Viking Rally rolls out with royalty and race car drivers

Henning Solberg and Leilani Münter, photo courtesy of ZERO

VIDEO: How big is your footprint?

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Swedes give a hand up, Th!nk to give 1,000 cars

Not only does Norwegian electric car maker Th!nk still have a pulse, but it appears to be strengthening. After being raised from its deathbed, the company is now on the receiving end of new investment from a Swedish group of business

Father and son taxi drivers Th!nk alike

We were just mentioning the blossoming sales of electric cars in Norway and it appears that we have Arne Asphjell and his son Audun to thank for a small part of that. The two are behind an effort to establish electric taxis in the city of Trondheim and will incorporate theirs into the fleet of Domenick Yoney

Norway electric car sales hit record as Buddy finds buyers

The cheap price of gas may be hurting the sales of some electric vehicles (EVs) in America, but the same can not be said for Norway where gas is only down to $5.18 a gallon. Electric car sales have doubled in the past year, hitting an all-time high in November. As if to punctuate that feat, the opening days of December have seen Norwegian electric company Hafslund

Pics: Tata shows off electric Indica at SIAM Expo

The Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) Annual Expo is happening in New Delhi and Tata Motors has chosen this venue in which to show off a prototype of their upcoming all-electric Indica. Although we had previously told you it exists and would be built in Norway, th

Tata sends Indica to Norway to gain electric drivetrain, street cred

Tata Motors announced last week, curiously, they would be building an electric car by the end of the fiscal year in Norway. One of the first questions that sprang to mind was answered today by news that the vehicle in question will be based on the "tried and tested" Indica (pictured above) and not the Nano which we suspect will

Powerful politician buys her own electric car

Åslaug Haga is not only the Petroleum and Energy Minister in Norway, but she is also the chief of the ruling Center Party. As such, she is a powerful politician in a country known both for its progressiveness and a large oil industry. Perhaps it is only a little surprising then that her latest car purchase was a Th!nk electric vehicle

Greaseball Challenge website and blog go live

The Greaseball Challenge charity car rally is kicking off this week with a launch party on Thursday and to celebrate Emily Horgan and her team have launched the official Greaseball website and Dane Muldoon

Norway to start producing electric cars again, as Think! restarts in 2007

Electric cars are popular in Norway due to the fact that they are non-taxed and are not charged for parking. However, Think! has not been producing cars in Norway as of late, as the Swiss firm that bought the company from Ford in 2003 went bankrupt last year.