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Detroit Electric goes Dutch with Europe Electric cars and Proton

After showing practically no signs of life since being revived in a joint venture between Zap! and Youngman Automotive Group last February and officially striking out on its own less than a week ago, Detroit Electric has emerged, in Malaysia, a

Detroit Electric to aid Proton get powered by electrons

The Malaysian government has given the green light to national car maker Proton to begin "in-depth validation and testing" of electric cars. The announcement came after the Cabinet Committee on Inflation received a briefing on the role e-cars can have in reducing the consumption of petrol and diesel. Prime minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who seemed to be completely behind the idea, expressed hope that commercialization of the project could begin in a years time. As part of the announc

GM starts Malaysian joint-venture

GM has announced plans to start a joint venture with Malaysia's DRB-Hicom to sell a range of Chevrolets in the country and possibly set-up a manufacturing base for cars and parts for sale in southeast Asian region. Following the breakdown in talks with state-owned Proton earlier in the year, GM then turned to DRB-Hicom to help take advantage

VW & Proton deal on shaky ground

Looks like the talks between Proton and Volkswagen aren't going as well as they could... again. Both companies have said that talks are continuing, but The Edge business newspaper is reporting that no agreement appears likely in the near future. They reported that VW has been "less keen" about the deal lately. The first round of deal breaking news came in December but things appeared to be back on track since then. Seems like there have been a lot of delays in the negotiations, fueling

Malaysia implements e-Plate with RFID to quell auto theft

Yesterday it was chipped tires, today it's chipped license plates. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is becoming more popular in everything from credit cards and passports to toll transponders and now license plates. RFID tags can simplify life by providing an automatic ID when scanned. RFID uses a microchip and antenna that stores personal data and can be installed in a device

Proton Savvy gets 55.76 mpg in Malaysian economy run

A Proton Savvy used just 1.66 tanks of gas to cover a little over 1,000 miles in a journey across . That run set a national fuel economy record for a standard showroom vehicle above 1,000cc. The vehicle recorded fuel economy of 4.218 liter per 100km, which equates to 55.76mpg. The Savvy is powered by a 1.2-liter engine rated at 74 horsepower.

Forest conservation beats fuel conservation

While the U.S. has a corn surplus, countries like Malaysia do not necessarily have sufficient production capacity for the commodities needed for biofuel production. While NGO's and Foreign Environmental activists have claimed that Malaysia has cleared its forest cover to plant oil palm, the Malaysian government stands firm on protecting its existing forest cover, and planting of palm oil was carried out only in allocated areas that did not involve any clearing of forests. Malaysia's forest areas

Drive-in massage parlor open for stressed drivers

Yesterday the Malaysian government opened a drive-in massage parlor on the country's main highway, the North-South Highway. The facility offers massage chairs for patrons similar to those found in some malls in the U.S. Costs, if any, to use the chairs were not specified in the article.

Proton ready to pair up with Chinese car maker this week

Malaysian automaker Proton will likely announce this week which Chinese automaker it’s chosen as a dance partner. Any foreign automaker wishing to break into the highly lucrative Chinese auto market must buddy up with a local automaker in order to do business in the communist country according to state law.

New free trade agreement expected to clear way for Proton, Perodua in U.S.

With American buyers just beginning to wrap their heads around inexpensive Chinese cars coming to market, a new free trade agreement between Malaysia and the U.S. promises to add a few unfamiliar names to the likes of 'Geely' and 'Brilliance.' The pending FTA (expected to be approved next year) could double two-way trade between the U.S. and Malaysia by 2010, paving the way for auto companies like Perodua and