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Fremont County Sheriff's Office rescued a man and his dog from a flash flood near Phantom Canyon Rd. in Colorado. Firefighters raced to the scene, and rescued the driver and his dog. No one was harmed in the rescue.


A Mississippi firefighter's act of kindness for a scared child who was in a serious car wreck over the weekend has gone viral.


The Twizy can be adapted to a variety of situations, from wall art to music video attention getter. Eurocarblog, for example, has a new story about a Twizy decorated in such a way that it is, "blatantly inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso," in order to take part in a Milan exhibition dedicated to the painter. But Renault's latest suggestion for the odd little electric vehicle (EV) is one we really didn't see coming.


Among the best reasons to buy a new car are the safety improvements that have been made across the industry over the past decade. Yet safer cars for drivers and passengers haven't meant an improvement for first responders. On the contrary, the added complexity and new technologies employed in modern vehicles routinely frustrate firefighters attempting to save occupants involved in a crash.


Not everyone has the stuff it takes to be a firefighter. Take the gent you see holding the hose in the image above: as point-man on the water jet, he strides up to the burning Chevrolet to put out the fire. While performing what appears to be a routine hose-down right next to the sedan, something inside the car explodes with enough force to jolt the cameraman in the nearby apartment.