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Honda to recall 1.6M vehicles, finish Takata airbag recalls early

When it's all done, Honda will have replaced 22.6 million airbag inflators

When it's all done, Honda will have replaced 22.6 million airbag inflators

Bipartisan Senate bill would electronically limit big trucks to 65 mph

They say law would save lives, takes place of a rule that stalled under Trump

They say law would save lives, takes the place of a rule that stalled under Trump.

Uber resumes self-driving car testing 9 months after fatal crash

Only in daylight, only in fair weather, only with two humans aboard, only under 25 mph

Only in daylight, only in fair weather, only with two humans aboard, only under 25 mph.

VW board backs plan to storm the market with millions of electric cars

Confirms Ford talks, 3-plant plan for EVs — and clears up a big error

Confirms Ford talks, 3-plant plan for EVs — and clears up a big error.

Honda finance to pay $24M for discriminatory lending practices

Honda is altering its lending policies and setting up a $24-million compensation fund after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau charged that some of its dealers have engaged in discriminatory practices.

Late With Car Payment? The Bank Could Remotely Turn Off Your Vehicle

Banks can disable and track cars from afar using new technology

Unlike a house, where it can take months or years to evict owners behind on their payments, some subprime lenders can now simply switch off a late borrower's car.

Average new car loan stretches 5.4 years, so what does that mean?

Even as some experts predict new car sales could top 16 million in 2014, there could be a storm brewing for maintaining current sales and inventory levels. According to Automotive News, consumers are buying new cars because it's easier to get a loan – even if that loan is for longer terms and to buyers with subprime credit – which, surprisingly, is considered anything below a 680 credit s

More car dealers capping finance and insurance products amidst ethics concerns

Automotive News reports a larger number of dealers are scaling back the markup on their finance and insurance products as well as aftermarket service plans in an effort to avoid the ire of regulators. There are no industry numbers on how many dealers use self-imposed caps on how much they can charge their customers for these servic

Union takes hard stance against German automakers

Anyone considering a German-built car might want to buy it now. It could be a long summer.

GM's Liquidation Motors stock reportedly still worth $370M, can't be sold short

When General Motors entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy over the summer, its bad assets were moved into a firm called Motors Liquidation Company (MLC). That company was capitalized with more than 600 million shares that were meant to be worthless; however, quite the opposite has happened: with its shares priced at $0.60 per, MLC now has a market cap of $370 million. How did that happen?

Chrysler Financial scores $24B line of credit

It's up and down, but nowhere near out for Chrysler, LLC. The Big Three's smallest sibling says that it's ahead of internal estimates and has posted earnings in excess of one billion for the first half of '08. True, the company also posted a $510 million loss in Q1 according to minority shareholder Daimler. And since Chrysler is privately held, it doesn't need to tell anyone whether these

Way Forward 2.0 today?

Now that Ford's got a new captain at the helm, it's full steam ahead for the "Way Forward." According to Reuters, Ford's board of directors will be instituting the second stage of its plan and is expected to release an overview of the strategy later today. Some of the proposals to be announced include a 30 percent reduction in white collar workers and a new pricing strategy, with more details to follow over the course of the month.

Bad credit? No credit? Ford doesn't care with new 0-72 loans

Facing the ignominy of huge dealer inventory and falling behind Toyota for 2nd place in July sales, Ford has decided to let anybody with a pulse finance one of its cars. Well, you do have to have some credit, but Ford is lowering the bar in this new incentive drive to include buyers with sub-prime credit ratings. By allowing customers the option of 0% financing for up to 72 months on every Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury (except the Ford GT and cer

Yen rate gives Japanese automakers unfair advantage, Chrysler's LaSorda says

At the Mackinac Policy Conference in Michigan on Thursday, Chrysler president and CEO Tom LaSorda said he plans to call on George W. Bush to confront Japan about an artificially low yen rate that he maintains unfairly allows Japanese automakers up to a $3,000 advantage per vehicle over their American counterparts. LaSorda said that he, Rick Wagoner and Bill Ford plan to raise this topic, along with health care and energy policy, with President Bush in