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Nissan to bring 4 historic cars to Z Car Convention in Atlanta

Included is a 1960 Datsun Fairlady Roadster

Included is a 1960 Datsun Fairlady Roadster.

Jay Leno's Garage visits Japan to drive Datsun 240Z, ask Nissan about successor

Typically Jay Leno's Garage gives us cool insights on rare, old and sometimes forgotten car models. In the latest episode, however, Jay takes us along to visit Nissan in Japan, where he talks about the next-generation of Z car.

Nissan recalls the birth of Miss Fairlady

The emphasis in the title is the word "Miss" – this isn't about the Datsun Fairlady (that eventually became the line of Z cars still going today), but the women who were hired to help sell them. Introduced as a concept to accompany a marquee dealership in Tokyo's chic Ginza area, the five Miss Fairladys were given product training so they could answer customer questions, a new thing at the time.

How Nissan trains its "Miss Fairlady" show stand models

Maybe you've seen My Fair Lady – the musical story of an ordinary girl turned into someone altogether more elegant. Now meet Miss Fairlady.

Going Platinum: The $80,000 Tomica Nissan Fairlady Z432

In honor of Tomica's 40th anniversary, jeweler Ginza Tanaka has produced a one-of-a-kind replica of the toymaker's die-cast 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432 (the Z432 was a Japan-only model powered by the same S20 inline-6 used in the C10 Skyline GT-R). Unlike anything Tomica se

NISMO 350Z to bow in New York

When Nissan unveiled the Fairlady Z Version NISMO (their description, not ours) along with the updated version of the iconic Z, we didn't have much hope that we'd ever see the motorsports-massaged version here in the States. Well, it would seem that the folks over at Edmunds have it on good authority that a US-legit version of the NISMO 350Z will be revealed at the New York Auto Show in April.

Enhanced Driving Pleasure: Japan gets new Fairlady Z

Click image for our 35-shot high-resolution photo gallery

Tuner Tuesdays: Japanese tuners craft baby Aston Martin

Japanese car mod specialists DAMD and ANCEL have teamed up to produce this "BLACK x METAL" version of the Nissan 350Z roadster. We don't have a lot of details on this Aston Martin lookalike, but a picture's worth a thousand words, as they say. DAMD wheels, Lambo doors and a hand-stitched leather interior are highlights. We're left wondering if there's a James Bond DBRS 350 version in the works. Combine the "BLACK x METAL" with the Stuart Waterman