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Speaking at the New York Auto Show, Ghosn explains why we need EVs.

To reach the climate change mitigation goals of COP21, we need to double our efforts to get more people into electric vehicles, says Carlos Ghosn.

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A Clear-Headed Look At Electric Vehicles At The End Of 2015

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says the transition to electric vehicles is imperative, and needs the support of business and the public sector.


US Military Could Pursue Exemption

The Paris COP21 deal could force the US military to reveal just how much carbon it emits each year, painting a better picture of America's overall emissions.

The Final Text Of COP21 Holds Promise

There are no specific references to green cars in the COP21 agreement, but that's not stopping us from trying to ferret out what's in store.


Company Touts EV Leadership, Patents

French automaker deploys 200 electric vehicles to shuttle Paris convention delegates during COP21.


Jedlix Comes Up With A Clever Charging App That Can Use 15% Less Energy

Renault and Eneco have signed a deal to implement a new smart charging app for the Zoe electric hatchback that will help it charge at the optimal time of day.

Norway Wants To Be All-EV By 2025

A group of US states and European countries will try to have all new vehicles be zero emission by 2050.


Citroen reveals its E-Mehari, a funky cabriolet that will begin production early 2016 and add extra electric quirk to the French automaker's lineup.

If You Want 7,000 Words Direct From The Tesla CEO, You're In Luck

In which we offer a 7,000-word transcript of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's speech in Paris for COP21 this week.

As part of the COP21 discussion, France is calling for a home grown electric car with battery swap stations.

As Part Of COP21, The Tesla CEO Lays Out The Challenge Of Global Warming

As part of the in-depth COP21 talks, Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks at the Sorbonne about climate change and the end of fossil fuels.