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Marine pilots continue to fall short of flight training time minimums

Flight training times are up from last year, but are still too far below the 16.5-hour-per-month minimum.

Pilots are averaging seven to 11 hours per month, up from the six- to nine-hour average from a year ago, but still well below the Corps' minimum requirement.

Damning report claims Marine CH-53 Super Stallions are in a sad, sorry state

A classified internal report points to major issues in the US Marine Corps' CH-53 fleet, including major readiness issues and lack of pilot training.

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Do training and maintenance cuts endanger troops?

Rash Of Deadly Helicopter Crashes Raising Questions

Three times as many servicemen were killed in helicopters in 2015 as in 2014, raising questions about the impact of cuts to maintenance and training budgets.

Two Marine Corps helos collide off Oahu's North Shore

12 Crewmen Missing, High Surf Complicates Search And Rescue

Two CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters carrying 12 crewman collided early this morning while operating in the dark off the Hawaiian coast.