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GM scratches Chevy Blazer from the lineup at Comerica Park

Controversy over the Blazer's made-in-Mexico status at a complicated time

Controversy over the Blazer's made-in-Mexico status at a complicated time.

Washington Nationals get 432 applications for bullpen cart driver job

Inside the heart-pounding tryouts

Inside the heart-pounding tryouts .

Cespedes Watch: The Mets outfielder's one-man car show

The man has a certain style.

It's a new ride for every spring training day.

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2016 Ford F-150 MVP Edition celebrates Kansas City's World Series title

Ford salutes the world-champion Royals with this celebratory special-edition F-150, built in Kansas City and limited to just 300 examples.

New York Mets outfielder turns spring training into his personal car show

Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Polaris Slingshot, F-250 are his daily drivers.

New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes really likes cars, and he's taking over spring training with his fleet.

Chevy presents Colorado with 'technology and stuff' to World Series MVP [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Chevy was quick to turn Wilde's nervousness into social media pay dirt this afternoon, embracing the "technology and stuff" line with a hashtag on Twitter, and even a starring role on the Colorado's consumer website. That's what you call lemonade, folks.

Car Collector Buys Babe Ruth's 1948 Lincoln Continental

Car had been displayed at Texas museum

Lonnie Shelton went to Dallas in search of spare parts for his car collection. The long-time baseball fan came home with the collector's item of a lifetime.

Designated Distraction? SYNC begins offering Fantasy Baseball updates

The Ford SYNC hands-free tech has proven to be a well-liked commodity over the past several years, in part because the automaker continues to update the feature-packed system. Now the automaker is catering to the estimated seven million fantasy baseball fans with on-demand weekly statistic updates right from the comfort of the driver's seat of a SYNC-equipped Ford or Chris Shunk

Ford named Official Truck and SUV of Yankees

Audi is the official luxury vehicle of the New York Yankees, Toyota said it's a sponsor but hasn't said how, and now Ford joins the cavalcade of motorized Yankee stadium financial backers by providing the official truck and SUV of the pinstriped boys. The deal is mostly for signage on the field and concourse, along with Yankees promo materials, with some display dates thrown in (as wit

Bats and Boats - Special edition Volvos for Bo' Sox fans and sailors alike

New England is Volvo Country. It's also home territory for the loved and loathed Red Sox. There's plenty of cars plastered with "B" stickers, license plates and trinkum. Long a sponsor of Red Sox baseball, Volvo's rolled out a special edition of its stubby C30. The Kammback hatch comes with a factory-fitted Team logo stuck to the glass of the rear hatch, fender badges and a distinctive shade of red. This regionally pimped Volvo is a limited edition, with only 107 examples being produced.