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Lotus Evora GT410 Sport exhaust is the best new holiday song

Lotus wants to wish everybody a 'Merry Driftmas'

No matter what holidays people are celebrating, there's one winter celebration car enthusiasts can come together for: Driftmas. A Lotus Evora GT410 Sport was recently possessed by the ghost of Driftmas present Ken Block and decided to get sideways all over the Lotus campus in Hethel, Norfolk, England. The result is a beautiful winter symphony.

The video is done in a slightly cheeky manner, as the yellow Evora shows up to work with a fully geared-up driver in the front seat, and a full Christmas tree stick to the rear engine cover. After blowing past a pristine Espirit S1 in a "slow" zone, the Evora slowly creeps through one of the garages, where a beautiful black and gold Type 72 race car sits quiet as a mouse.

It then makes its way through a testing area and to a parking lot, where it rings a few bells around three specialty Lotus models, including what appear to be Exige Cup cars. It finishes the ride in front of the main office, where Lotus has another Christmas tree filled with little toy cars as ornaments.

Before the Grinches start complaining about how it's not Gymkhana, that's correct. It's not. But we'd never turn our noses at a video with a soundtrack a sweet as this. Merry Driftmas to all.

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