Tesla makes changes to Model S and X - 85-kWh battery, vegan seats

No more leather seating.

As Tesla prepares to begin delivering the Model 3 to customers, the company is doing some reorganizing to its current lineup. Tesla will create more differentiation – and a bigger price gap ­– between the Model S and the Model 3 by getting rid of the rear-wheel-drive Model S 75. As Electrek reports, Tesla has added new options for the Model S and Model X, and gotten rid of leather seating. The automaker has also, interestingly enough, begun s hipping 85-kWh battery packs in 75-badged vehicles.

The 85-kWh battery packs are limited by software to offer only 75 kWh of capacity. So far, six vehicles have been spotted with the larger packs, all of them in Norway. Tesla isn't currently offering customers the option to unlock the extra capacity with an over-the-air update. The company had discontinued its 85-kWh battery pack last year, and it's unclear why Tesla would start shipping 85-kWH batteries in cars advertised as 75-kWh. Any guesses would be pure speculation at this point (feel free to do that in the comments).

Also new to the Model S and Model X are standard lighting upgrades, including LED fog lights, turning LED headlights, lighted door handles, and ambient interior lighting. All models now have standard air suspension, as well. Satellite radio, Bioweapon Defense Mode, and a cold-weather package are now part of a single "Premium Upgrades Package," which costs $5,000 in the Model S, and $6,000 in the X.

Tesla has also completely done away with genuine leather seats in the Model S and Model X, opting instead for synthetic materials. This means that all currently available seats are vegan. Tesla still provides a leather steering wheel as standard, but has offered to accommodate customers who prefer a non-leather option there as well. Elon Musk has said that the Model 3 will offer a vegan seating option, but it's unclear whether leather will be available in the new model.

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