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Spy shots show a nearly finished BMW M5

  • Image Credit: Car Pix
The new 2017 BMW 5 Series is just rolling out in dealerships across the nation. While the current range topper, the M550i, is plenty quick, BMW enthusiasts around the world are eagerly awaiting the main act. We've seen veiled spy shots of the next-gen M5 for more than a year now, but each new peek reveals a few new tantalizing details. These new shots give us our best look yet.

BMW's new super sedan no longer wears any loose fitting camouflage, though most of the car is fitted with the requisite prototype wrap. The hood features a prominent bulge in the center, similar to every other M car in the past decade or so. The front bumper has a similar shape to the M2, M3, and M4. There are large intakes in the two corners and a wide, six-sided intake at the bottom.

The camouflage on the side hides the slightly wider fenders, meant to accommodate the larger wheel and tire package. It also looks like the small accent piece behind the front wheels has been removed. The rear, like the front, is just an adapted version of the bumper on other current BMW M models. The roof is also covered with a layer of camo. This might hide a carbon-fiber panel or simply hide the shape of a 5 Series with no moonroof. All 5 Series sold in the US have a moonroof as standard equipment.

Details for the rest of the car remain a mystery. A twin-turbocharged V8 making at least 600 horsepower is almost a given. There is also the rumor that the M5 will make the switch to all-wheel drive, much to the ire of die hard BMW fans. We won't know for sure until the full reveal, likely sometime later this year.

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