As Elon Musk recently noted, Tesla just released its 8.1 update, and the most interesting aspects are related to the Autopilot 2.0 system, as reported by Electrek.

First of all, the speed limit of the Autosteer feature is raised to 80 mph, but Tesla says that the vehicles will need to calibrate themselves before the system can be used at speeds over 55 mph. In Tesla's words: "Model S requires calibration before you can use Autosteer at driving speeds greater than 55 mph, until the vehicle has finished calibrating, which takes place automatically over several days of driving on well-marked highways."

More features previously associated with Autopilot 1.0 will be made available with the 2.0, with Summon returning under a hardware suite called "Tesla Vision". The other thing is Auto Lane Change, which enables the car to change lanes with just a tap of the turn signal stalk when Autosteer has been switched on.

As well as the Autopilot changes, the 8.1 software update also features UI updates. There is now a "Favorites" radio station that fine-tunes programming depending of the user's "thumbs-up" ratings on songs. And the Maps app now has open hours and Google ratings for any business the user might be looking for. Finally, there is now the ability to adjust front seat headrests from the touchscreen, and any adjustments will be saved onto the driver profile.

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