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The race to construct a working hyperloop system is reaching the endgame. It was recently reported that Hyperloop One built a development "test tube" in Las Vegas. The company aims to build a commercial hyperloop transport system between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, transporting people from A to B in twelve minutes. H1's test track is 500 meters in length, and the startup tested a prototype system in May of 2016.

Now, H1's competitor Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, or HTT has begun building what they call the world's first full scale passenger hyperloop capsule. HTT's R&D center is in Toulouse, France, and the plans call for the capsule's official reveal in early 2018. According to HTT, the construction of the capsule comes after three years of research and development, and that it's being built in collaboration with Carbures S.A. Carbures is an aeronautics and aerospace material specialist with production on three continents.

The specifications of the HTT capsule have also been announced. It is nearly 100 feet long and nine feet wide, and can accommodate from 28 to 40 people depending of seating arrangements. It weighs 20 tons and the planned top speed is 760 miles per hour.

"We are building the world's first full scale passenger hyperloop capsule," HTT CEO Dirk Ahlborn said in the company's press release. "We are taking a passenger first approach to guarantee that safety is always our number one concern. It has been crucial in our development to go past the simple requirements of freight in order to build a better and safer system for everyone."

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