A startup would-be truckmaker called Bollinger Motors revealed a teaser image of its first product this week, an all-electric vehicle wrapped in traditional styling. The black-and-white photo shows the reflection of the truck with old-school-looking wheels and a militaristic-looking body.

Bollinger is hawking this truck as a new-age solution for ranchers, off-roaders, builders, and other rough-and-ready types. It says the vehicle will have an aluminum chassis, convertible body panels, and a hydropneumatic suspension that's adjustable. The company is also touting the vehicle's hauling, storage features, torque, and ground clearance. Bollinger hasn't specified the name of the truck and says it would be classified as a medium-duty vehicle.

The company plans to reveal it this summer in New York state, where it is based. Bollinger was founded in 2014. If this electric truck launches successfully, it could join the ranks of companies like Icon, which specializes in expensive low-volume off-roaders for a niche market. Company founder Robert Bollinger designed the vehicle and envisions it as "the perfect truck ... without the environmental effects and carbon footprint of a traditional gas-powered SUV," he said in a statement.

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