Google, Uber suffer setbacks in autonomous-drive efforts

Robot cars are still coming, of course.

The road to our self-driving future will still have a few potholes. The latest have appeared over at Uber and Google. Uber has reportedly lost three engineers who were working on the company's AI tech, and came to the ride hailing app company from the excellent robot farm over at Carnegie Mellon University. And at Google, work on the company's cute little self-driving car has reportedly stopped. The reason? Google wants to focus more on partnerships (see the effort with Chrysler). It has also started a new self-driving automobile company called Waymo. For both Google and Uber, the long-term efforts to build self-driving cars continue. Google still wants to introduce autonomous taxis and Uber's UberFreight, which is evolving from the self-driving tech that Uber got when it bought Otto.

Despite these potholes, it is safe to say that self-driving cars are still coming, and in a big way. Shahar Waiser, the CEO of the taxi-hailing app Gett, believes that in 10 years millions of driving jobs will be obsolete and that humans won't be allowed to drive at all. So, get your kicks on Route 66 while you can.

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