It takes a flatbed truck to move Jeremy Clarkson's giant head

Is this a commentary on his ego?

Though only three episodes have been released, it's clear that Amazon's The Grand Tour is an enormous success. The show had a built-in audience from the get go, centered around the personalities (and egos) of its three hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Despite having the most-watched debut of any Amazon Original series, it seems that the marketing push isn't quite done. Someone appears to be shipping a giant, stone-like version of the host on the back of a truck.
Twitter users have posted photos of Clarkson's head and various other body parts strapped to a semi trailer. The tweet above claims the truck was seen driving through Washington state, although that's not a truck sold in the United States and those definitely aren't American roads – we're also not so sure about the license plates. The car in the following tweet even has a speedometer that reads in kilometers, not miles per hour. Although others are parroting the Washington line in their reporting, we're positive these photos weren't taken in the US.
What we don't know is what the plans are for the fully assembled Clarkson colossus. Tweets from The Grand Tour show sketches of the group together, with James May's massive head in the background. It looks like the assembled pieces will provide quite the spectacle.

Filming on The Grand Tour is still underway, so it's likely that the statues will play a part in a future episode. I'm just disappointed the trio aren't being shipped in an Amazon cardboard box. I know they have a few that are large enough.

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