The trio from The Grand Tour just can't keep away from airfields for car testing, nor can they keep people from finding where its courses are located. In the first episode that aired last night, the hosts revealed their new course, which Clarkson called the "Ebola-Drome" due to its resemblance to the deadly virus of the same name. No location was given aside from the hint that it's close to the town of Swindon.

However, that was enough for automotive website Jalopnik to track down the specific location: a former RAF base called Wroughton. Jalopnik's work was pretty clever, and is worth taking a look at how they tracked the airfield down. Also, if you didn't happen to see the new track in action because you don't have Amazon Prime yet, it's discounted by $20 to just $79 right now, so there's no better time to sign up.

One of the interesting things about this location is that it's not simply an old airfield. Jalopnik mentions a science museum located at Wroughton. As it turns out, it's a storage facility for the Science Museum of London, and according to The Daily Mail, it houses over 250,000 objects. The newspaper reported that the collection includes a plane used by The Rolling Stones for transporting concert equipment, as well as a Tucker Sno-Cat used to make the first land crossing of Antarctica in the 1950s. The Belfast Telegraph also notes that the collection contains a submarine used by the villain of the Bond film, For Your Eyes Only. The storage facilities were purchased by the Science Museum of London in 1980, according to the Belfast Telegraph, and also includes a library and archive building that is open to the public by appointment.

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