Stephen Wynne liked fixing DeLoreans so much, he bought the company

The man featured in this clip from the new online automotive series from CNBC, Shift, is who you should thank for keeping the DeLorean alive and well. His name is Stephen Wynne, and he's the current CEO of the DeLorean Motor Company. While the original company went under in the 1980s, Wynne ended up purchasing the company later, along with leftover parts, tooling, and production and naming rights. Before taking over the company, Wynne was already familiar with the cars. He came to the US in 1980 and opened a foreign car mechanic shop that became one of the few places that would fix DeLoreans.

Wynne also talks about other aspects of the car and the company. He mentions what he loves about the cars and how it feels to drive them. He also gives a preview of the new and improved model that the company is developing. The next DeLorean will feature a modern powertrain that meets emissions requirements, better suspension, and better brakes. We previously reported on the "interest applications" the company was accepting, and at the time there was no pricing information. As seen in the video, though, we now have a rough estimate of $100,000. But Wynne doesn't reveal when the cars will be produced. And, if you enjoyed this new video from the Shift series, you'll be able to see more in the following weeks.

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