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You're driving along, minding your own business, moving along with the flow of traffic, when all of the sudden you and everyone behind you is forced to apply the brakes and slow down for a fellow motorist who has decided to meander along in the left lane. Which is for passing. There's no reason this slower-moving vehicle can't move over to the right lane, but they continue along, blissfully unaware that they are making everyone else lose their minds.

Apparently, there are still some people in America – people with actual licenses to drive, no less – who don't know that it's illegal to drive slowly in the left lane. Need proof? Watch the video above, which is currently making the rounds on social media.

Every single state in America has some sort of law against driving slowly in the left lane – some more strict than others – and for good reason. Because it's not just irritating. It's potentially dangerous, too. So, do us all a favor: If there's a left-lane hog in your life, forward them this video. The rest of us thank you.

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