Mercedes EQ name trademark may be for EV sub-brand

The great equalizer among combustionless vehicles?

Rumors have been swirling that Mercedes-Benz has a separate brand in the works for electric vehicles, and the evidence continues to mount.

British car publication AutoCar reported today that in the UK the German luxury brand trademarked EQA, EQC, EQE, EQG, EQS, and few other EQ-related names that may be used for marketing or for highlighting normal Benzes with EQ-related technology and features. These names show that Mercedes is very likely preparing to launch a distinct line of electric and alternative fuel vehicles.

AutoCar also notes that some EQ names correspond with existing Mercedes products. We also knew from previous reports that the first of Mercedes's electric vehicles would be a GLC-sized crossover or possibly a sports sedan. Now that we have trademarked names to work with, we can guess the crossover would probably be called the EQG and the sedan would probably get the one of the EQ names ending in C, E, or S, depending on the size.

Admittedly, after seeing the name EQG, we had a small sliver of hope that the company might show an electric G-Class. But a crossover makes much more sense. The EQ name is also far more sensible than the ED name, which Mercedes once used for electric Smarts. Whether the first vehicle is a crossover or a sedan, it is expected to appear at this year's Paris Motor Show, ready to challenge the current electric establishment.

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