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In an effort to get the all-electric Mission E on the road, Porsche is hiring an additional 400 people – on top of the 1,000 it previously hired – to work on the production and development of the vehicle. The majority of the new employees will work at the automaker's plant in Zuffenhausen, which is located close to Stuttgart, Germany, while others will focus on e-mobility, vehicle connectivity, and other related fields.

In addition to hiring these new employees, Porsche is also looking for roughly 100 IT specialists, 50 creatives, and 70 more apprentices as part of an industry-wide push, though the Mission E is still four years away from going into production.

In an interview with Australia's Drive, August Achleitner, product director for the 911, revealed that the automaker does not have any current plans to put an electric 911 on to the road. "Right now it wouldn't make sense in our opinion to offer an electric 911, or hybrid version, because there are so many disadvantages of such a concept with this narrow layout of a 911," stated Achleitner.

While the automaker is currently not interested in creating an electric 911, Achleitner believes that vehicle could become a possibility in the future – 10 years into the future. Achleitner points towards a lack of demand for an electric 911 as another hindrance to the vehicle.

Achleitner's comments go directly against what Lutz Meschke, a board member at Porsche AG, stated earlier this year. In March, one of Porsche's official Twitter accounts claimed that the automaker would offer a hybrid version of every model in its lineup, including the 911. Porsche never released any specific dates on when its mass hybridization project would begin, as the automaker uses the term "near future" to describe its plans.

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