The slogan for Hyperloop One - which used to be called Hyperloop Technologies – makes it sound like everything that's annoying about silicon valley. "Be anywhere. Move anything. Connect everyone." is vague enough that it might be promoting a new shipping app. Or something something dating. But no, it's six words that are supposed to describe the mobility of the future based on an idea thrown out by Elon Musk during an interview back in 2012.

At least the company is still moving from the idea stage to the real world. Hyperloop One co-founder Brogan BamBrogan said a few weeks ago that, "This is real. This is happening." Later today, the company is going to demo its technology at a test site in Nevada. This is an early, early test. According to The Wall Street Journal, the end of the test will be when the pod reaches 400 miles per hour and then crashes into a sand pile, since pesky details like brakes have not yet been developed. There's no tube track yet, either, like the final, low-pressure plans call for, but since this is an open-air track that is so more than a rendering, we'll be interested to see the videos that will undoubtedly start floating around in a few hours.

A full-speed (700 mph) test in a tube is on the calendar for the end of 2016. Hyperloop One is, at this point, thinking of building actual tracks in Scandanavia and within California. If everything goes well, of course.

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Here's the first video of what traveling inside a Hyperloop looks like

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