There's been an ungodly amount of attention paid to Tesla Motors' Model 3 since its unveiling last week. With so many eyes on the new electric sedan for the mainstream masses, the company has quietly made some changes elsewhere in its lineup. On Tuesday, it offered a revamped base version of its crossover offering, the Model X.

Gone is the Model X 70D, which came with a 70-kWh battery. In its place, Tesla is offering an upgraded model that comes with a 75-kwh battery that provides a 17-mile improvement in the car's overall range. Model X owners can expect to achieve a range of 237 miles with the newer battery.

Drivers will pay for that privilege. The price of the base Model X increases from $80,000 to $83,000 with that change. That's not the only tradeoff. Top speed decreases from 140 to 130 miles per hour. In higher-end trim levels, the Model X achieves a top speed of 155 miles per hour.

The changes come one day after Tesla announced a Model X recall for a defect in a latch on the rear row of seats that potentially allowed them to flop forward when they shouldn't. The problem affects about 2,700 vehicles in the United States. Tesla also announced an update to the Model S, including a new front fascia, today.

Deliveries of the higher-end models are scheduled for May. Customers seeking the new base model will need to wait until June.

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