Unsecured toddler falls from rear of moving van in China

Yet another video has surfaced on the internet showing an unsecured Chinese toddler falling from the back of a moving vehicle into traffic. Similar to an incident that occurred in March, this latest occurred in Shantou, a city in the southeastern Chinese province of Guangdong.

FOX5 received video footage of the incident from China's CCTV. The video shows a slow-moving van in moderate traffic on a busy road. Somehow, the child opens the van's rear hatch and tumbles into the street, where he is immediately run over by the car following the van. Realizing something terrible happened, the child's parents stopped the van and ran to the child's aid. The child was pulled from beneath the following car and, according to CCTV, suffered only minor injuries from the accident.

Use and knowledge of child restraints in China lags behind that of the west. A 2014 study by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine studied the knowledge of, attitude toward, and use of child restraints in Shantou produced some shocking results. Roughly 22 of more than 3,000 families observed, around .6%, used specialized child restraints and only 8.7% used seat belts. The AJPM study concluded that child restraint policies and education approaches were desperately needed in China.

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