When comparing sports cars to animals, it's normal to liken them to fast, agile creatures like a cheetah. The svelte Mercedes-AMG GT would seem to have nothing in common with a lumbering bison, but Wald International apparently sees a resemblance. The aftermarket company named its new bodykit for the German super-coupe the "Black Bison."

Wald's upgrades make the GT appear meaner, but they aren't overly cartoonish like the styling parts from some aftermarket companies. The pieces look especially attractive with orange accents like the ones in these photos. In front, the new bumper has an integrated spoiler and optional canards. "This aggressive face line looks like the bison which has held up through some desperate struggle," Wald's description says, whatever that means. The rear features additional air outlets behind the wheels and in the center. A simple trunk spoiler and side sills complete the changes.

The company offers the kit in carbon fiber or fiber-reinforced plastic. Customers have the choice of ordering all the parts together or just picking individual pieces.

After fitting the Black Bison kit, some customers might want more power to complement the extra style. Brabus is up to that task with a tune for the GT S that takes it to 591 horsepower from the stock 503 hp. Combining both upgrades could make for quite a sports coupe.

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