Tesla will release a Powerwall 2.0 this summer. The residential version of Tesla's stationary battery designed for solar energy storage will get a significant update, which Elon Musk touched on briefly during his visit to Paris. "We are coming up with the version 2 of the Powerwall probably around July or August of this year, which will see further step changes in capabilities," Musk says. Possibilities include lower pricing, higher capacity, and/or less deterioration over an increased number of cycles. It's also likely that the new Powerwall batteries will be built at Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada. Read more at Treehugger.

Tesla has hired Jim Keller as Vice President of Autopilot Hardware Engineering. The processor designer worked at Apple, where he helped develop the A4 and A5 processors, before moving to AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) as Chief Architect of Microprocessor Cores in 2012. Tesla will likely make extensive use of Keller's "low-power design expertise" to help do bigger and better things with its automated driving technology. Read more at Engadget, and at Electrek.

Tesla has hidden an Easter egg in its website. On its main page, the animated background shows a video demonstration of Autopilot in a Tesla Model S. Right-clicking on the page brings up options, including "Play Speed." Under that, there are not only options for "Slow Motion," "Normal Speed" and "High Speed," but also one for "Ludicrous Speed," which plays the video in double time. Of course, Ludicrous Mode is a launch control option in the P90D, itself a reference to the 1987 Star Wars spoof, Spaceballs. Tesla also includes a Ludicrous Mode Easter egg in the car's driving controls menu. Try the trick for yourself at Tesla's website, or view the original tweet from Andrew Del-Colle.

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