The mild winter didn't tank January sales for the Chevy Volt this year. While last month's sales were a lot lower than December's – because January new vehicle sales are almost always lower than December's - the second-gen Volt had a good month. GM sold 996 Chevy Volts last month, an increase of 83.8 percent over the 542 sold last January. In December, 2,114 Volts were sold.

The trend wasn't as good over at Nissan, which sold 755 Leafs in January. That's a drop of 29.4 percent compared to the 1,070 sold in January 2015. Given the lower overall sales for the Leaf these days, the drop from December wasn't as bad, with 1,347 Leafs sold in the last month of 2015.

What's absolutely amazing is that after over five complete years of sales, the cumulative totals of the Leaf and Volt sales in the US remain almost exactly the same. The current difference is only 600 units, with the Leaf on top. If the Volt continues to outsell the Leaf for the next few months – and all indications are that that is likely, since Nissan is offering the first-gen model while Chevy has put out it much-improved second-gen - then we will soon get back to an equilibrium like we were at the end of February 2015, when the difference was just two units.

As always, our more complete wrap up of all the green car sales in the US will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

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