Australian cyclist posts video of road rage incident

A video posted to Facebook last month showing a Range Rover attempting to run cyclists off the road in Western Australia has sparked disbelief and anger on social media. WAtoday reports that on January 31, a cyclist named Paul Evans from Perth posted a video to his Facebook page titled "Land Rover vs. Bike". Captioned, "My # Fly6 captured this road rage incident today in Glenn Forest", the on-bike video shows what appears to be a random and unprovoked attack on the cyclists by a driver in a Range Rover.

In the video, a Range Rover driving the opposite direction to the cyclists suddenly stops in the middle of the road just past the cyclists. The driver then reverses at speed, crosses the center line, and attempts to run the rearmost cyclist off the road. The cyclist, Ross Drabs, is obviously spooked and narrowly avoids being struck by the Range Rover, who then shifts into drive and speeds away. The end of the video shows the Range Rover ducking into a driveway as the cyclists continue on their ride, shaken and incredulous but otherwise unhurt.

"It was close," said Evans in response to Facebook comments on his video. "We are all OK. Just lucky as it could have been worse." Drabs, the cyclist who was nearly hit, wrote, "He made a definite attempt to run me down."

Both Evans and Drab stated that they had reported the incident to the police, but had heard nothing from officials. According to WAtoday, the Mundaring Police department stated that they had not received the reports yet, but that police reports can take some time to come in depending on their nature.

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