December sales for Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf are what you expected

Volt Does Well Again, Leaf Treads Water

It was another month of as-expected sales for the two pioneering plug-in vehicles in the US. The Nissan Leaf is basically treading water and the new-generation Chevy Volt is getting back to old habits with a big increase in sales compared to where the car was last year. It wasn't a surprising month, but there wasn't any reason to expect a surprise. In fact, we don't suspect this trend to veer too far from where it's at right now until gas prices shoot up or Nissan introduces a new Leaf. Neither of those things is likely to happen any time soon.

Let's start with the mediocre news. Nissan reported today that Leaf sales for December 2015 totaled 1,347 units. That's a 56.6-percent drop from where the Leaf was a year ago, and contributed to the all-electric vehicle's 42.8-percent drop in 2015 sales compared to 2014. This past year, 17,269 people bought Leafs, down from 30,200 who did so in 2014.

The Volt sold 2,114 copies last month, bringing the plug-in hybrids 2015 total up to 15,393. That's an 18.1 percent drop from the 18,805 Volts sold in 2014. We shouldn't see the past year as a total flop for the Volt, though, since the much-improved second-generation model was introduced late in the year. In fact, if we just look at December 2015 and compare it to the last month of 2014, we see the Volt was able to post a 41.9-percent increase. It'll be quite fun to see where the Volt's numbers go in 2016.

As you probably know, we'll have our complete wrap up of green car sales for you soon. Stay tuned.

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