A police station in Florida released this footage of a reckless drunk driver spilling out of his car last weekend as a warning to other drivers about the dangers of driving under the influence.

A Sarasota County Sheriff helicopter followed a possible drunk driver while investigating a hit and run incident to a parking lot last Saturday. The suspect, Aaron Proulx, was found five miles from the accident. The helicopter circled overhead filming as Proulx as he stumbled from the driver's seat of a car. He was too drunk to stand. Proulx made a rude hand gesture to police has he tried to gain footing. Proulx's female passenger attempted to help him up, but was in rough shape herself and ended up lying on the ground. Eventually an officer with Sarasota police apprehended Proulx and took him to jail.

Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight told WTSP 10 that he released the video so that the public would be aware of what kind of drivers they share the road with. "In my 29 years and as many drunk drivers I've arrested, to see that, it's probably most drunk person I've ever seen behind wheel of a car," Knight told WTSP. "Don't become a jerk like this guy and drink and drive."

Proulx was charged with drunk driving, property damage and hit and run. A breathalyzer test found he had a .22 blood alcohol level, almost three times the .08 BAC standard. He easily bonded out of jail and is awaiting a December 21 court date. Proulux told Fox 13 he's very remorseful for his actions.

"I really messed up, that's what I did. I can't remember anything from the night. I was blackout drunk," Proulx said. "I would really like to apologize to the driver I hit, first of all," Proulx said. "I would really like to apologize to the police too for my obscene behavior on the video."

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