Tesla has ended its $100 flat fee for its "Ranger" technician service. For some time, Tesla would send a technician out to customers in need of service, and repair the car on the spot or transport it to a service center for a flat fee of $100. Tesla quietly ended the flat fee earlier this year, leaving some customers upset about the increased costs to service their cars. Originally, "we needed to introduce a way for early customers out of range of a service center to have a seamless Tesla ownership experience," says Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson. "Since then, we have invested heavily in brick-and-mortar locations to serve our rapidly growing customer base." According to the company's website, Tesla Ranger Service now "begins at $100 per visit and increases based on your distance from the nearest Tesla service center." Read more at Automotive News.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says the company will pursue fuel cell vehicles in the future. In recent years, the executive has eschewed hydrogen technology in favor of battery electric vehicles. Nissan will put a fuel cell vehicle on the road in "like four to five years," says Ghosn. "We are not in a hurry. Because we already have a zero-emissions solution." Nissan is developing its fuel cell technology with Daimler. Read more at Automotive News.

EV registrations in Georgia have dropped significantly since the state ended its incentive program. Earlier this year, the state legislature voted to end its $5,000 tax credit for EVs, replacing it with a $200 yearly registration fee. With the incentive program's July 1 expiration, plug-in vehicle registrations declined by 88.9 percent from June through August. Nissan Leaf sales, which were once thriving, have also taken a nosedive. "If you're that concerned about the environment," says Georgia Public Policy Foundation VP Benita Dodd, "then why not pay full price for what you're getting?" Read more at Transport Evolved.

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