2016 VW diesels are still 'months' out

Many 2016 model year vehicles are already for sale at dealers in the US but none of them have Volkswagen's 2.0-liter TDI. Don't expect to see the diesels on lots for several months either. The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing an onslaught of evaluations on the engine to make sure that it doesn't get fooled again, Automotive News reports.

Before the new tests can even begin, VW must resubmit the 2016 diesels to the EPA, and the company isn't saying when that might be. The automaker took back the models' previous application after telling the EPA about an undisclosed software feature, according to Automotive News. There was absolutely no evidence that this was another defeat device, but the emissions agency wanted more information about what the tech's effect was.

EPA boss Christopher Grundler has been quite clear about not disclosing any details about the new tests. He doesn't want to give automakers a chance to create more defeat devices, and the agency intends to evaluate diesels from other companies with more rigor, too. That process is already beginning in cases like subjecting the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax to on-road emissions checks.

Once the 2016 VW models are certified, the EPA intends to run the same tests on the proposed repairs for the company's earlier diesels. That process could take months, as well, according to Automotive News. VW CEO Matthias M├╝ller recently said that the first recalls likely wouldn't happen until January.

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